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Johann Nikolas Berghaus arrived in Halifax, Nova
Scotia on May 30,1752 on the ship "Sally" from
Hesse,Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany. The ship sailed from the port of Rotterdam, Holland.
He married Gerdruth Gertroudt in 1754. She was born about 1739 in Germany. They settled in Lunenburg NS. He was a farmer.
He died March 1,1794, in Lunenburg.
Their children were:
1.Elizabeth Barkhouse born 1753, died 1828
2.Susanna Elizabeth Berghaus born Oct 27,1754
3.Anna Catherine Barkhouse Jan 21,1757, died 1777
4.Appollonia Berghaus born Feb 20, 1759
5.Johannes Jonathan Berghaus born Feb 7,1760, died Jan15,1851
6.Johann Philip Berghaus born March 18,1764, in Lunenburg Co., NS and died March 22,1800
7.Anna Barbara Berghaus born May 1, 1766
8.Gertraudt Berghaus born Oct 14, 1771

Johann Phillip Berghaus married Ann Margaetha
Knickel of Conrad on Sept 13,1785 in Lunenburg. Ann was born in Lunenburg in Aug 1758. She was christened on Aug 27, 1758. Their children were:
1.Jonann Conrad Barkhouse born Sept 1786
2.Johannes Benjamin Barkhouse was born in Chester, Lunenburg Co, NS in 1788, he died in1883
3.John Wilhelm Barkhouse born Mar 6,1791, died 1808
4.Eva Elizabeth Barkhouse born Aug 1793, died 1871
5.Johann Jacob Barkhouse born Sept 1795, died 1868
6.Johann Philip Barkhouse born in Chester, Lunenburg Co. on Dec 6th 1797, died about 1862 at New Conquerall, Lunenburg Co.
7.Johann Michael Barkhouse born 1800, died 1890

Johannes Benjamin Barkhouse married Catherine Mac Innis in 1818.  She was born in Chester Lunenburg Co. NS in 1797. Their children were:
1.Elizabeth Barkhouse, born: 1819 in Chester, Lunenburg Co, NS 
2.Mary Anne Barkhouse, born:10 Dec 1821 in Chester, Lunenburg Co, NS
3.James Frederick Barkhouse, born: 18 Mar 1824   in Chester, Lunenburg Co, NS., died 1907
4.John Benjamin Barkhouse, born:1826 in Chester, Lunenburg Co, NS
5.Charles Barkhouse, born: 20 Jun 1828 in Upper Falmouth, Hants Co, NS 
6.William Barkhouse, born: 17 Apr 1831 in Upper Falmouth, Hants Co, NS.
7.Edward Barkhouse, born 1841 in Falmouth, Hants Co, NS  Died January 14,1926  

James Frederick Barkhouse was married twice:
1.To Elizabeth Houghton on June 20 1852 at Cornwallis Twp, NS. Elizabeth was born on Aug 26 1832 in Newport, Hants Co, NS and died on July 11 1855.
2.To Rebecca Ann Huntley on Nov.19 1856 at  Cornwallis Twp, NS. Rebecca was born on April 25  1835 in Medford, Kings Co, NS. Her parents were
William Huntley and Margaret Pineo. .
James and Elizabeth had one child:
Lewis Barkhouse born in1853 in Scots Bay, Kings Co. NS
James and Rebecca had 11 children, all were born in Scots Bay, Kings Co. NS, except Elkinah who was born in Cornwallis Twp, NS:
1.Elkinah Barkhouse born in1858
2.Frederick Barkhouse born in1860
3.Margaret Barkhouse born in 1862
4.Henry D. Barkhouse born in 1864.
5.Amos Barkhouse born Feb 27,1866. Died March 9,1866 in Scots Bay.
6.George E Barkhouse born in 1867
7.Ader C. Barkhouse born in1870. She married Palmer Lyons on March 8, 1888 in Falmouth, Hants Co, NS. He was born in 1864. his parents were John and Mary Lyons.
8.Judah (Jude) Barkhouse born in 1873. Married Annie Thorpe on September 14,1909 in Pereaux, Kings Co. NS. Annie was born in 1884 in Scots Bay. Her parents were  Timothy and Iryphenia Thorpe
9.Avaret Barkhouse, born in1877
10.Benjamin Barkhouse born in1879.
11.Abiah Barkhouse, born February 27,1866 . Died March 9 1866 in Scots Bay. 

Lewis Barkhouse married Martha Jane Brewster
who was born in 1850. She was a widow and
her maiden name was Brown. 
Their son William Barkhouse was born April 1st 1869. They also raised two foster chidren: James and Unis.

William Barkhouse married Mabel Leota Ells in
1895. Mabel was born in August 1879. William died  in 1939. They had 12 children:
1.Freda Mildred Barkhouse born September 20th,1896. Married Frank Hamilton. They had three children: Lorna,Harold, and Donald.
2.Arthur James Barkhouse born May 17th,1898 Married Jenny Lutz. They had three children: Carl, Verna, and Joyce.
3.Frances Elizabeth Barkhouse born December 4th,1900. Married George Taylor and had two children: Helen and George.
4.Isaac Grant Barkhouse born March 9th,1902
5.William Emmerson Barkhouse born June 24th,1905. Died 1922. He was never married.
6.Louis Harold Barkhouse born August 24th,1908. Married Rita Best  They had two children: Harold (now living in Truro NS) and Muriel.
7.Harry Wilson Barkhouse born June 10th,1910.
8.Wilfred Earl Barkhouse born June 10th,1911. He died in infancy in 1911.
9.Marion Leota Barkhouse born March 5th,1912. She married William Gillis. They had three children: Edwin,Calvin and Ester.
10.Kenneth Clayton Barkhouse born November 30th,1914. He married Dora Risseau and they had no children.
11.Vivian Leora Barkhouse born September 2nd,1916. She married Charles Weir and had two sons: Charles and John.
12.George Edward Barkhouse born July 22,1920. His first wife was Doris Irvine. They did not have any children. His second wife was Elsie Fredricks and they had one son William.

Isaac Barkhouse married Hilda Maude Mac Donald of Scots Bay, Kings Co. NS in 1924. Hilda was born on July 6, 1904. They resided in Woodville, Kings Co. for most of their married life. They had 2 children.
Walter Lewis born June 18, 1928
Jessie Mae born April 2, 1938

Walter Barkhouse married Helen Jean Power of Lakeville, Kings Co., NS  on June 18, 1952. Jean
was born on February 6th,1930. They spent most
of their married life in Antigonish, NS. They had 5 children:
Brian Lewis born May 9th,1953
David Power born October 9th 1954
Robert Walter born January 17th, 1958. Died  
May 29,1976
Kimberly Ann born January 23,1962
Lori Lynn born March 18,1963
All were born in Antigonish NS

Brian Barkhouse married Mary Helen Duggan of
Upper South River, Antigonish NS on May 18, 1974. Mary was born on December 3, 1952. They resided in Saint John NB, Windsor NS, Stellarton NS and Antigonish NS. They have 5 children:
Cara Jean born March 2nd,1975 in Antigonish NS
Andrew Robert Walter born May 9th, 1977 In
Antigonish NS
Shelley Nicole born July 17th,1979 in New 
Glasgow   NS
Keith Alexander born June 27th, 1981 in New        Glasgow, NS
Todd Daniel born January 17th, 1983 in New
Glasgow, NS

David Barkhouse married June Elizabeth Sullivan of Upper South River, Antigonish Co. NS on March 1,1975. June's birth date is June 21st, 1955. They reside in Antigonish.  They have 4 children:
Krista June born Aug 6th 1975
Amy Maureen born Dec 7th 1978
Debra Suzanne born July 18, 1980
Darren John Robert born September 7th, 1983

Robert Barkhouse died in a automobile accident on
May 29, 1976.

Kim Barkhouse married James Andrew McMillin of Halifax. They have one daughter:
Rae Leigh Valerie born May 29th,1990

Lori Barkhouse has one son Mitchell Walter Charles Degruchy born on June 18, 2000
The Barkhouse name orginated with Johannes Berghaus and his family:
Any names typed in red will be followed on this page.  Click on any name underlined to follow their branch of the family tree.

JOHANNES BERGHAUS was born in Haehnlein, Starkenburg, Germany in1690. He married (first name unknown) Seip. She was born 1694 in Germany.  They had one child Johann Nikolas Berghaus, born February 12, 1716, Hahnlein, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany.    

The name Berghaus was changed to an english
spelling and to the way it sounded. (Barkhouse).
Other spellings for Berghaus: Barkhaus,Barkhause,Barkhous, Barkhose, Barkouse,Berkhaus, Berkhause, Berkhausen, Bugaus.
The german translation of Berghaus means
mountain house or chalet.
German - English translation of names:

Jonannes - John
Johann - John
Nikolas - Nicholas
Wilhelm - William
Gertraudt - Gertrude
Margaetha - Margaret
Adah - Ada
Susanna - Suzanne